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Coal Creek Tap maintains an ever changing selection of beers.
Listed below are a variety of examples of what we brew in the taphouse.

Anodyne, Helles Lager
Our traditional German-style Helles lager is light and mild. An easy-going beer fitting for most everyone’s taste. This medium bodied lager is slightly toasty and malty. It’s lightly hopped with Tettnang and Mount Hood hops, which lend a lightly citrus aroma and bright essence. Pairs well with our salty, hand-tied pretzel and honey-mustard-ale sauce. (4.9% abv)

Molly Blond
One of our Belgian Blond’s most distinct ingredients is the strain of yeast used in the brewing process. “Abbey” Belgian yeast is used by monks making beer in monasteries as they’ve done for hundreds of years. This strain yields a spicy and floral nose of banana, clove, and perhaps even bubble gum. Molly is light, a little malty and might even remind you of a crisp and fruity glass of white wine. (7.25% abv)

Wyoming Toad, Rye IPA
Many of our beer’s names are unified by a local, state-wide and even a western theme. This rye IPA is named for the endangered Wyoming toad which resides in the Mortenson Lake National Wildlife Refuge. This highly hopped ale (Chinook, Columbus, & Simcoe) can serve as a reminder to continually care for our home state. Roasted barley gives the rye IPA a toasty core and a darker color. There’s a lot happening here: spicy, floral notes; bright; citrusy and fruity. (7.3% abv)

Bucket of Blood, double Red IPA
2014 Steinley Cup winner, the Bucket of Blood double Red IPA is an intensely flavored beer spiced with Centennial, Simcoe and El Dorado hops. Roasted barley and Munich malts give the IPA its reddish hue. Linking us back to the community, this brew is named after Laramie’s first bar, the Bucket of Blood, run by three corrupt and thieving half-brothers, Ace and Con Moyer and “Big” Steve Long. (9% abv)

Heavy 80, Scotch Ale
A “shilling” is a form of money as well as a way to categorize Scottish Ales according to alcohol strength. For example, a “light” Scotch Ale is under 3.5% ABV whereas a “heavy” Scotch Ale sits close to 4.0%. Our Heavy 80 acknowledges this Scottish scale because it’s got a slightly higher ABV. A complex malt bill of Maris Otter, Munich, Special B and several others combine to create a bready aroma and delicious taste. It’s a great beer for those wanting a low-hopped alternative. (5.3% abv)

“Hey, Victor!”, Smoked Porter
Rooted in Western pop culture, our porter is named for the film, Smoke Signals, and is also related to Sherman Alexie’s story, “This is What it Means to Say, ‘Phoenix, Arizona.’”

Our smoked porter is very approachable; it’s not overly smoky and its blend of malts (Maris Otter, English Brown and chocolat) and hops (East Kent Golding, & Fuggle) will remind you of hikes, s’mores and cool, dusky campfires in the Snowies. Take a growler to the mountains and enjoy its rich color and flavor. (5.6% abv)

Laradise, Extra Pale Ale
Summertime in Laramie. This is what this beer is all about. The city quiets down, the days are long, we feel alive and spend lots of time outdoors socializing. Bravo, Centennial, Citra and Amarillo hops make the Laradise extra hoppy. Clean and crisp with a dry and citrusy finish, this perfectly balanced beer is ideal for hop lovers. Best when consumed outside smelling the smells and tasting the fares of the Laramie farmer’s market. Truly “Lara-diffic!” (CCT steward Andy R., 6% abv)

Pangaea, World Pale Ale
History lesson: Pangaea was a supercontinent that existed during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras. Aptly named, this beer is brewed with hops from every hop-growing continent on the globe. Showcasing exotic varieties like Pacific Jade (New Zealand), Nelson Sauvin (Australia), Cascade and Summit (North America), Sorachi Ace (Japan), and Goldings (Europe), Pangaea has a bright, apricot and citrus nose, as well as rich and fruity tasting notes like honey and vanilla. Its caramel color shines through our special IPA glasses which also intensify aroma. (7% abv)

Bath Farmhouse Belgian Amber
Our farmhouse ale connects traditional farmhouse brewing methods to our hometown. The Baths were one of the founding farm families in the Laramie Valley. Historically speaking, Belgian farmhouse-ales were brewed during the late-summer and autumnal months with extra ingredients leftover from the harvest. Our Bath Farmhouse ale contains a blended French Saison and Belgian yeast strain. This gives us a spicy aroma and banana-like, bubble gum, and honey flavors. Imagine the sound of leaves crunching underfoot, sentimental holiday smells drifting through the house, and this warming beer. (8% abv)Back to Top

Tuker-Nut Brown
This isn’t your average nut-brown ale. Affectionately named after the brewer’s son, we knew this beer had to be vibrant, complex, and larger than life. A perfect harmony of light hops and malts, the Tuker-Nut brown ale is surprisingly refreshing despite its darker color. Unlike other brown ales, Goldings and Fuggles, and malts like Victory, Chocolate and Black Patent give this brew more personality than what you might expect. (4.9% abv)

Soeur Jumelle
Translated from French and meaning, “twin-sisters”, our Belgian Dubbel is a complex, slightly bitter brown ale with a darker color and slightly higher ABV. The fruity aroma and flavor profile can be attributed to Big Hollow Food Co-Op’s dates, figs and raisins added to the boil. The Soeur Jumelle is spicy yet smooth and might evoke memories of your great-grandma’s holiday fruit-cake. Think of this as a “dessert beer.” (7.6% abv)

Coal Train Belgian Coffee Stout
A super jazzy, fancy stout, the name Coal Train is meant to remind us of one of Wyoming’s greatest natural resources, our sister businses, Coal Creek Coffee Co., and to pay homage to the world-famous jazz musician. This beer has an intense black color, and smoky, chocolaty, complex malt base. It is fermented with the Abbey yeast strain and blended with cold-brewed Ethiopian coffee. The velvety smooth texture makes our Coffee Stout one of our most popular beers. Try this with a slice of cheesecake and berries. (8.3% abv)

Meadowlark ESB
A traditional English bitter ale, our extra special bitter is made with Maris Otter and English pale ale malts. It’s got a low ABV, a light, floral bouquet and a toasty, biscuity flavor. A touch of Black-Patent malt gives it a unique, amber color. The addition of Fuggle and Centennial hops create delicate hop flavors ending with a slightly bitter finish. Served from our traditional, hand-pumped beer engine. (4.9% abv)

Revolution, Belgian Pale Ale
Brewed with European Pilsen and Belgian Specialty malts, Saaz and Cascade hops, and our house Abbey yeast strain. Subtle esters of banana and oranges greet your nose as you raise the glass, followed by delicate floral flavors, a light, citrus hop-touch and a rich, malted-wheat infused mouth-feel. This is deceptively smooth and easy drinking for an 8% abv beer.

Bunny Hop, IPA
Just west of Laramie within the Medicine Bow National Forest lies the Happy-Jack recreation area, home to miles and miles of world-class single-track trails. A paradise for mountain-bikers in the summer months. Our Bunny Hop, IPA gets its inspiration from riding these trails. Expect a complex fruitiness in the nose stemming from the massive dry-hop addition of “Falconer’s Flight” followed by a distinctively tangy, spicy wash of hoppy goodness and a medium dry finish. YUMMY! (7.2% abv)

Thomas Stevens, Wee Heavy
Thomas Stevens was the first man to ride a bicycle (a Penny-Farthing in fact!) around the world. He did this in 1935 stopping in Laramie, Wyoming to have a “roll” with the Laramie Wheelmen Cycling Club. Our Wee Heavy, Strong Scotch Ale is named after the big man with the big legs. Clocking in at 9% abv this velvety ale has sweet, complex flavors of toffee, smokey malts and dried fruits. Delicious!

Los Lunas, Green Chili Pale Ale
Named after the small farm-town near Albuquerque, New Mexico where the chilis were grown and roasted. This is a very balanced example of a chili ale with pale-malt sweetness blending with the roasted-green-chili flavors, ending with a lovely, citrusy finish. (6% abv)

Feier im Herbst, Octoberfest Lager
Brewed in celebration of the Fall season, this traditional German beer is true to style. European Pilsen and Munich malts are slowly fermented with a Bavarian Lager yeast strain to create a beautifully clear, malt-forward beer. This beer pours yellow and orange and has a crisp, white head. We bet you can’t have just one. (6% abv)

Oceania, IPA
Named for the historical reference to Australia and New Zealand where the lovely hops that grace this beer are grown. Subtle dankness in the nose followed by melon, kiwi, tangerine and red-ruby grapefruit on the pallet. Fairly sessionable at 6.5% abv and sure to please the hop-heads. Back to Top

Saison Du Ruby –
Brewed with European Pilsen, Munich Light and Malted Wheat for body, gently hopped with Hallertau, Crystal and Cleopatra, laced with fifteen pounds of Red Ruby Grapefruit and finally fermented with a blend of our house Belgian Abbey and French Saison yeast strains. This is a perfect summer beer, lightly spicy, fruity, and ending with an extremely dry finish. (7% abv)

Ouessant, Belgian Wit-
Named after the amazing French breed of sheep that is unusually small, reaching not more than 20 inches at the shoulder.  Though they are small, they can have very large fleeces, equivalent to a 6# jacket for the average 150# person. Our “Ouessant Wheat” hits the scales at a mere 4.2% abv, yet lays down big, layered flavors of tart lemon, banana and toasted wheat. Brewed with fifty percent European Pilsen, fifty percent malted wheat and a delicate touch of Nobel hops. This is an extremely pleasing, Spring-time ale.

Liberator, Espresso Doppel Bock
As the style name suggests, this is a double strength Bock lager, checking in at 8.1% abv. Originally brewed in the 18th century by German monks to provide sustenance during the fast of Lent, Bock beers are dark, malt forward beers with chocolatey, mildly sweet flavors. Our Liberator intensifies this liquid bread experience with a balanced lacing of Over the Edge Espresso by Coal Creek Coffee Co.